What’s the new book about?

I’m still working on a cover design for the new book, but in case you are wondering what it’s about, here is a synopsis.

Coming Soon                 THE OBJECT OF YOUR DESIRE

As a professional psychiatrist, Dr. Stanley DeMarco is well equipped to assist his patients in identifying and controlling their addictions. Although he’s considered one of the finest doctors in his field, that doesn’t provide him with immunity from the follies of human nature.

An ill-advised sexual liaison with an unstable associate leads to a world of lies, heartbreak and harassment. In a desperate effort to save his marriage and his practice, he attempts to hide the affair from his wife and daughter.

Unfortunately, affairs are a messy business and rarely remain concealed. When the body count begins to mount and the list of murder suspects dwindles, the finger of guilt points directly at Dr. DeMarco.

When every attempt to establish his innocence without exposing his ruinous affair proves disastrous, Dr. DeMarco is forced to reveal the truth to his ailing wife and live with the consequences of his foolish acts.


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Author of mystery stories and more
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