Twelve Things I’ve learned About Indie Writing and Publishing.


  1. Readers may not judge a book by its cover, but it doesn’t hurt to have an eye-popping front cover.
  2. Editing is difficult work. I can ask 5 people to edit one of my books, and the sixth one will still find errors.
  3. Writing is fun, revising a chapter 3 or 4 times is not.
  4. A paperback book is cool because I can hold it in my hands and it seems to confirm (to friends, family and other readers) that I’m a writer. Unfortunately, they are more expensive and time consuming to produce and don’t sell anywhere near as well as my e-books.
  5. If you decide to publish in paperback format, do it because you want to and not because people tell you they will buy it in that format. Do it for yourself or you will be sadly disappointed.
  6. Formatting a novel to produce an e-book is completely different from formatting for a paperback book.
  7. Don’t be shocked when people are amazed that you wrote a book. It’s not brain surgery.
  8. Keep your sales expectations in check and you won’t be disappointed. Remember that your novel is one of millions available to readers.
  9. Most people want something for nothing; e-book readers are no different. Just because they download 500 free copies of your e-book, doesn’t mean that many of them will read it. 😦
  10. Reviews sell books. Getting someone to review your book is like pulling teeth. 😮
  11. The second best feeling in the world is when someone tells you they enjoyed reading your book.
  12. The best feeling in the world is when you finish your next project and know inside your heart that it’s pretty damn good. 🙂

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Author of mystery stories and more
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2 Responses to Twelve Things I’ve learned About Indie Writing and Publishing.

  1. Janice says:

    Love, love, love this post. All valid points, so very true. Please continue to write, for yourself and for us – I love your books!

  2. John says:

    Thank you Janice – I will.

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