People Behaving Badly – Short Story Teasers


  1. Easy Pickings:  A cocky thief meets his unexpected match.
  2. Dumpster Rose: The face of murder may not appear evil.
  3. True Confession: A code of ethics which condones murder.
  4. A Shoulder to Die On: A jealous wife discovers more than she bargained for.
  5. Killer Karma: What goes around will more than likely come around.
  6. The Auditor Cometh: What you say can and will be used against you.
  7. Falling is the Hardest Part: One last dance for soldier boy and psycho girl.
  8. A Matter of Disposal: An eavesdropper and his overactive imagination.
  9. A Deadly Act of Kindness: Sticking your neck out to deliver a message..
  10. Hell to Pay: Is there anything more frightening than a woman with nothing to lose.Pen
  11. Sorrow Point: Revenge best served after death.
  12. The Butcher: A provider of choice cuts for the pretty ladies.
  13. Lucky Thirteen: A deadly combination of money, greed and ignorance.

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Author of mystery stories and more
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