Things you should know about A Very Furry Christmas

Cat WhiskersAlthough the stories in this book are centered around cats (because cats are what I know best) they are not exclusively about cats. The real substance behind these tales is the interaction between humans and their furry friends, and the positive effects they have on each others lives.

BoomkeyI selfishly chose Christmas as the back drop because I love this time of the year and because the romantic in me wants to believe that anything’s possible during the Christmas season.

In order to keep the paperback price as low as possible, I’ve had to make some compromises.

I’ve limited the number of book pages to 68, so it will fit in your stocking and because (the publisher) sets the minimum price I can charge for a book based on the number of pages. The more pages, the higher the minimum price I have to charge. In order to keep the price at only $4.00 US,   I’ve also had to settle on a miniscule royalty being paid to yours truly.

I’m hoping that at this low price, readers can afford to purchase extra copies as stocking stuffers for all the friends, family and pet lovers on their gift list.

If you don’t want to pay $4.00, then you can always choose to wait until the eBook version is released at the end of November. The eBook price will be only $1.99 US. Keep in mind, if you purchase the paperback copy from Amazon, the eBook version is your for free.

NOTE: Readers who have pleaded for happier endings to my short stories will be glad to know that this book contains 100% happy endings.


PRODUCTION UPDATE: The cover design is complete and it is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll have to take my word for it, but I know you’ll agree when you see it.

Lastly, I plan to release a synopsis of each story early next week and hopefully if all goes as planned the book will be available before Thanksgiving.

Happy Reading!


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