Can a book cover be too cute for it’s subject matter?

PenIn a recent forum discussion, a reader wondered if the cover of A Very Furry Christmas isn’t a bit too cute for the mature subject matter portrayed in the stories. Although the stories are written for adults, the implication is that children might be attracted to the cover and ask their parents to purchase the book. It was even suggested that perhaps I should consider changing the cover design.

When we were designing the cover, the graphic artist and I did have some concern that the cover might be a bit sweet for the subject matter, but we knew that the book would only be sold by sources not readily available to children. So in the end, we decided to go with the white kitten as portrayed in the second story The Unwrapped Gift.

The book is only available on-line through Amazon or Createspace, making it (almost) impossible for young children to physically get their hands on a copy. Just to be safe, I also posted a warning at a beginning of each on-line book description making it clear to any potential reader or parent that this is not a children’s book. I would hope that people don’t purchase a book simply based on a cute cover, but rather read the description and then decide if the book is of interest to them or their children.

A good cover design (in itself) doesn’t sell books, but it should entice readers to check out the content. I believe the cover of A Very Furry Christmas does just that.

If you have any thoughts on this issue, I’d love to hear them.



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