‘A Very Furry Christmas’ is a semifinalist in the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition.


I just received this wonderful news and wanted to share it with you.  Wish me luck.

Hi John,

Greetings and congratulations! I’m Su Gerheim, a member of the RPLA administrative team, and it’s my pleasure and honor to inform you that your entry, A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales, is a semifinalist in the published, General catch-all – General catch-all genre category of the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) competition.

Lately, lots has been going on with RPLA: the competition has expanded in both size and reputation, the entries are increasingly professional, and the judges are more selective than ever. Making the semifinals this year is a big deal. A huge deal!

If you have submitted other works or if this entry is entered in other genre categories, you will be notified of the status by separate email.

This entry now goes on to final judging. We will notify all semifinalists of their finalist status on a rolling basis. And of course the winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet October 22. The Banquet is part of FWA’s flagship annual conference. Please join us for the Banquet, and weekend, too! You can register here for the banquet, the entire conference, or the conference by day: https://floridawriters.net/shop/2016-florida-writers-conference/. We suggest you register early, and remember you may bring your spouse/friends/family to the Banquet without their having to register for the conference.

Congratulations again on making the semifinals. Tell the world and please feel free to use the semifinalist badge, attached, with pride. You may post it on your website, blog, or email signature line – wherever you wish.

On behalf of the entire RPLA team, thank you for entering FWA’s Royal Palm Literary Awards competition. Woohoo, you’re a semifinalist! Best of luck in the finals.

FurryXmas_v4Su Gerheim
Florida Writers Association


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