What reviewers are saying about People Behaving Badly

PeopleBehavingBadly_PODEditorial Reviews

“Each story in this collection, gives you a short, sharp shock.  As the title suggests, each story is about people behaving badly but these are everyday people in scenarios that we can, surprisingly, relate to.  Until the twist eventually arrives, and it doesn’t take long, you will feel empathy, hostility or be fearful of these characters.  These stories are the equivalent of peeling back the curtains and finally finding out what has been going on inside your neighbour’s house.” – Spectrum Books Review

“John Ottini is back with a new release eBook of Short Mystery Stories – 13 in all.  I’m suspecting the number ’13’ is by choice.  The collection looks like it encompasses a murderous collection of human vices, enough to satisfy the most ardent mystery connoisseur.  John’s writing style is fluid and will have you curled up in a ball-of-anticipation with each turn of the page.  Each story is just the right length to devour in a single sitting.” – The Living Hunger Blogspot

“The author mixes the right amount of quirks and horror to make the stories both humorous and horrifying. It’s exciting to read about the characters getting their comeuppance, but there are deeper themes underneath the entertaining tales. The stories comprehend the reasons behind murders. What motivates a person to commit a crime? Greed, vigilantism, infidelity, lust, insanity, there is no end to the list. The author also looks at some sensitive issues like a woman’s self-esteem and the damage that stereotypes do to our society (“I can’t ever imagine bringing someone like you home to meet my parents”), or the effect of sexual abuse on children.” – 4 out of 4 stars – onlinebookclub.org

Buy your copy here!    eBook  2.99    paperback 7.99


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