Happy 2nd Anniversary to me and my blog.


It’s difficult to believe that two years ago today, I wrote the first post for this blog. Now 204 posts later, this blog is celebrating it’s 2nd Anniversary!

My writing career has seen several up and downs during the past few years . I’ve published five works of fiction. All five were released in eBook format and three in paperback format. The eBooks have outsold the paperbacks by at least 10 to 1.

I’m very proud of my accomplishments thus far. I’m especially happy that two of my published works have made the semifinals in the annual Florida Writers Association – Royal Palm Literary Awards competition. I’m also pleased with the (mostly) positive reviews I’ve received on internet websites and from so many readers

.RPLA_SemiFinalist_Badge        PeopleBehavingBadly_v3                   RPLA_16_SemiFinalist_Badge   FurryXmas_v4

I’ve sold close to 500 copies  of my books and didn’t expect everyone to like them, but it’s nice to know that so many do.

My biggest disappointment has been the low number of reviews I’ve received on Amazon and Goodreads. I understand that most people don’t feel the need to leave reviews of the books they read, but for an independent publisher like me, reviews are what help to market my works and assist me in spreading the word to potential new readers.

What have I learned thus far on my journey?

I’ve learned that writing takes time, energy, talent, a good editor and a great cover designer. I’ve learned that marketing books is much more difficult and costly, then actually writing them.

I hope that someday I’ll sell enough books to recoup some of the cost of publishing and marketing them, but if that never happens, I’ll still be proud of what I’ve accomplished and I’ll keep writing for the love of it.

Thank you for reading my stories and visiting my blog. Without you my friends, this journey would be a lonely one.

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