A Very Furry Christmas is a finalist in the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition (Florida Writers Association)

RPLA_16_Finalist_BadgeFurryXmas_v4I received this wonderful email over the weekend and I thought I’d Share it with you.



Subject: CONGRATULATIONS! Your Entry, A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales, a Published General Catch-All Genre Category,
is a 2016 RPLA Finalist

Hi John,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your entry, A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales, a published general catch-all genre category, is a finalist for the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition! This means that it could win an award—if it earns one of the top three scores within the genre.

Lately, lots has been going on with RPLA: the competition has expanded in both size and reputation, the entries are increasingly professional, and the judges are more selective than ever. It’s an understatement to say that competition is stiff, and we are pleased to announce the entry cited above is a finalist.

Attached is the 2016 RPLA electronic finalist badge. Please feel free to use it on your website and in your email signature line and to post it to social media. Let everyone know of your achievement!

When will we know who the winners are? Their names will be announced for the very first time during the RPLA Awards Banquet, Saturday, October 22nd. This is during FWA’s annual conference, but even if you are unable to attend the conference, we urge you to attend the Banquet (if you are registered for the conference, the Banquet is included). At the Banquet, the excitement is palpable, and if you’re one of the lucky ones whose name is called, you don’t want to miss your moment in the spotlight.

Within 30 days after the Banquet, your rubrics will be emailed to you. We hope that you’ll benefit from the thoughtful feedback from the judges.

Hearty and sincere congratulations from the RPLA team! See you at the conference!

Su Gerheim

Florida Writers Association

Board of Directors, Coordinator, FWA Collection contests

Coordinator, Orange County WOF Essay contest

RPLA Competition Floater


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