Flash Fiction Story – Deadwood


Use the photograph above as the inspiration for your flash fiction story. There is a 250 word limit for each story.

Photograph copyright –  K.S. Brooks



DEADWOOD –  John D. Ottini

August 1, 2016

I suspected something was wrong when my normally talkative girl friend seemed at a loss for words this morning.

When I asked her why she was so quiet, she said she was tired and had nothing to say. I should have let it go, but instead I kept asking her what was wrong and reminded her that we promised to keep no secrets.

In retrospect I wish I had kept my mouth shut, because what she told me shattered my world.

As tears rolled down her face, she told me she didn’t think she loved me anymore. She said the spark that had once brought us together was gone and that we’d fallen into the boring routine of everyday life.

I told her that I love her, but she said that love wasn’t enough, she wanted passion. I didn’t understand, but promised her that I would do anything to fix this.

She said she needed time to think and would stay with a friend until she could decide what she really wanted. I begged her to stay, but she packed her clothes, kissed me goodbye and walked out.

I haven’t cried in a long time, but today the tears flow uncontrollably. I contacted her sister and she reluctantly told me that Sara wasn’t staying with a friend but at the Deadwood Hotel.

So here I stand brokenhearted at the corner of yesterday and tomorrow, staring up at her hotel window wondering what our future holds.


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