Something old, something new, something deadly just for you!

Coming Soon 3

I’m releasing a new paperback book this month which will contain five stories (two short stories and three novellas) about love and murder.

Beneath the Roses (novella) was previously released in eBook format in early 2016. I added it to this collection because a number of people inquired as to whether it would be released in paperback.

Remorse, Words to a Kill and Loves Me Not (novella) are fresh new stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

As a bonus, I’ve included A Fool and His Money (novella) which was previously released in 2014 as one of a trio of novellas included in the book, A REASON TO KILL: Collected Mystery Stories.

A Fool and His Money has always been one of my favorite stories. I’ve added it to this edition in hopes that this time around it will garner a wider reading audience.

BookNote to Readers

To those few brave souls who’ve purchased all of my books, have already read Beneath the Roses and A Fool and His Money in another format/edition and may feel slighted at purchasing a book containing some content they may have already read.
Please rest assured that I will be releasing this title in eBook format (at a greatly reduced price) in the near future. I hope you’ll purchase the eBook and enjoy the new stories.

The same is true for readers who aren’t interested in paper bound editions. The eBook version of this title will be available soon.

Thank you for following this blog and especially for reading my books.


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