The stars come out in January

After waiting two years for someone to rate and post a review of my book, A Reason to Kill, I final received my first review from someone in Australia. Best of all, she gave my book a 5 star review and said some very nice things about it.Time To Kill

Well, they say that good things come in threes, so it’s exciting to see that I recently received two more 5 star ratings (for A Reason to Kill) from readers at

I’m also excited to report that I received my first rating for my latest book, Deadly Revelations only two and a half months after its release. I’m very grateful 20161031_152900that a kind soul on took the time to give it a 5 star rating.

It may not seem like much, but it’s very encouraging that people are reading my books and caring enough to leave a rating or review for others to see. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the rating is (although I hope I don’t get to many 1 star ratings) it only matters that someone took the time to rate the book. Believe it or not, I’m very grateful for every book review and rating I receive, both good and bad.

Thank you for reading my stories. Hopefully, this positive trend continues throughout 2017.


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