How to post a book review on Amazon.

PenI’ve always assumed that anyone who has an Amazon account automatically knows how to leave a product review, but my assumption is wrong. This past weekend someone asked me how they would go about rating a product and leaving a review on Amazon? After taking a few minutes to explain the procedure, I realized that maybe it would be a good idea to post that information on this blog.

So, if you already know how to leave a book review on Amazon, then please ignore this post. If you’d like know how leave a review, then please follow along and I’ll show you how easy it is.

I will begin by assuming that you’re an Amazon member and that you therefore have an Amazon account. (If not, then your first step would be to sign up for an account.)

1 – Open your internet browser and go to Sign in to your  account

2 – Enter the Author’s name (John D. Ottini for example) or the title of a book (Beneath The Roses) in the search box at the top of the screen. Tap the magnifying glass to begin the search.

3 – If you entered the book title, then locate the book in the search results and tap on the book cover or link. If you searched by author then tap on the Author’s page and select the book from his or her list of books.

4 – Once you’re at the selected book’s page, then scroll down until you see the ‘Customer Reviews’ stars and bars. It should look something like this:


5 – Tap on the ‘Write a customer review’ button and you’ll be presented with this page.


6 – Select the Amazon prompts that best describe the book, then slide across the stars to select the appropriate 1 through 5 rating, then leave a brief (or long) review of the book. The written portion of the review is required, if you want to post a review on Amazon. The ‘Submit’ button will not appear unless you’ve entered something in the ‘Write your review here’ box.

7 – Once you’ve entered your written review,  the ‘Submit’ button will appear at the bottom right corner of the review box. Tap on the Submit button. Congratulations, you’ve just created and submitted your first review on Amazon.


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3 Responses to How to post a book review on Amazon.

  1. Joe says:

    John, thanks for these suggestions. I have had people say they would write a review for one of my books but then have no idea how to go about it. Your suggestions are very clear and straightforward. I will make a point of including your suggestions for people ask to write reviews in the future.

    • jdonovels says:


      I run into the same problem. People promise to post a review, but it never happens. Months later I run into them and ask why they decided not to post a review after all and they tell me it’s because have no idea how to post a review on Amazon.

      Glad you found the blog post helpful.


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