The Indie Writer’s Predicament

Sometimes in conversation people ask me what the most difficult thing is about being a self-published independent author. My reply doesn’t take much thought because I’ve already experienced the feeling several times since I began self-publishing my books.

It might be surprising to some that the toughest part is not the actual writing, nor the number times I have to rewrite the manuscript in order to produce a product that meets my level of satisfaction. It’s not the time spent working with a great editor, making sure I present the best story possible to my potential readers. It’s not the time and effort necessary to format the manuscript for both eBook and paperback publication. It’s also not the time spent working with a cover designer to produce a great eye-catching cover that will get my book noticed on Amazon among a sea of other books.

And lastly, it’s not the time and cost involved in doing all these things over a six to eight months period that constitutes the most difficult thing about being a self-published author.

The hardest part of being a self-published author is the day you nervously release your baby into the publishing universe only to watch it sit for days and weeks without a single copy being sold.

That my friend is the most depressing, ego crushing feeling in the world. 😦

Honestly, it makes me begin to question my ability as writer and seriously wonder if it’s worth the time, money, and effort to do it all over again.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to keep moving forward (some never do) and just continue to write. Why?

Because writers write, that’s what we do.

Perhaps someday I might feel differently about my predicament, but for now I keep writing and hoping that the future is bright.

By the way, have you heard about my latest book? 🙂


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