My Literary Year in Review – 2017

I just wanted to take some time to reflect on what I accomplished this past year on my literary adventure.

I released three new works in 2017.

One Shot to the Head, a short story in eBook format was released in April, followed by Moments in Time, a compilation of short stories and flash fiction in June. My mystery/thriller, The Black & Blue Butterfly Tattoo was released in November.

There were two memorable moments this year. One was having my book, A Very Furry Christmas reviewed in the December issue of the UK’s favorite cat magazine, CatWorld Magazine, and the other was celebrating the sale of my 1,000th book (all time sales) in October.

In terms of overall sales, this year exceeded my expectations. I sold 410 books (that’s 115 books more than last year) and I gave away close to 1,000 eBooks in various promotion efforts.

My Authors Blog was viewed over 1,900 times by 675 + visitors from 25 different countries. I posted 90 articles and have 85 followers who receive emails of my Blog posts on a regular basis. I had close to 7,800 hits on my blog.

The book reviews were a bit more abundant then last year. I received 12 book reviews on Amazon and 17 on the Goodreads website. Of course, not all the reviews were good, but fortunately most of them were positive ones. Please keep them coming. 🙂

Overall, it was a wonderful year.  A great big thank you to anyone who purchased or downloaded one of my books in 2017, I trust that you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I sincerely hope that you’ll continue to follow my adventures in 2018 by visiting my Blog and following me on my Face Book Author’s Page.

Happy New Year & Happy Reading!

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Author of mystery stories and more
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