Tormented Heart (formerly known as Flying Home)

I contacted my editor and it looks like my manuscript is scheduled to be edited on the first week in March.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to rename the novelette from Flying Home to Tormented Heart, as per my wife’s suggestion.

I was never completely satisfied with the original title Flying Home, that’s why I referred to it as a tentative title in my first post. I asked my wife what she thought of Tortured Heart as the title, she suggested that Tormented Heart might be more appropriate.

I liked it the minute she suggested it … so Tormented Heart it is.

I’ve also been scouring the internet for the right premade cover design and found three that I really like. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which one I think is the best one for this eBook. Fortunately, I have plenty of time to decide, as I wait for the novelette to be edited.

I like to use premade covers for short stories and novelettes because they are much less expensive than custom covers and because I don’t plan on releasing a paperback version of the story at this time. If I were doing both, I would gladly pay extra to get the custom cover I want.

Hopefully, my editor won’t find too many errors in my manuscript, but I never know until I get it back. She’s a great editor and I really value her opinion, so I always take all her changes and suggestions seriously.

If all goes well I hope to release the eBook by the end of March.

Stay tuned my friends.

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