Show, Don’t Tell: Cat Style

I‘m in the pet store today and decide to buy my cat Bella a special treat. I pay 1.99 and buy her a can of yummy sounding, highly recommended organic cat food.

When I get home, Bella is on the kitchen counter standing next to her food bowl. She meows once to let me know that she is hungry and a second time to remind me that I’m late feeding her.

I quickly remove the can from the bag and say, “You’re in for a real treat, sweetie.”

Bella rubs her head against my arm as I open the can and scoop a generous portion into her bowl. I expect her to attack and devour the food in a show of appreciation, but I forget that I’m dealing with a cat, not a dog.

Bella bends down to sniff the food, and then she looks up at me as I stand there with a big grin across my face. She stoops down again to give the food another whiff, then stands upright and settles back on her hind legs.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, disappointed at her reaction.

She stares at me with an odd expression on her face and I imagine that if she could speak she would probably say, “Do you honestly expect me to eat this shit?”

#1 Fan

My feelings are hurt for a second, and I hear myself say, “What’s the matter girl? Are you trying to tell me that I just wasted two bucks on this new food I bought you?”

Rather than meow and acknowledge the truth in my statement, she stands up, turns her rear end towards the bowl, and makes a clawing motion with her right front paw against the kitchen counter in a feeble attempt to bury the contents of her food bowl.

My brief moment of anger turns into hysterical laughter, as I watch her jump off the counter and head towards her litter box.

I shake my head and say, “Sooo….tell me what you really think?”

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2 Responses to Show, Don’t Tell: Cat Style

  1. LOL! I can picture that. We have two cats and they can be finicky. However, neither of them have done that. Thanks for sharing.

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