Ratings without Reviews

Amazon is now allowing buyers to rate the products they purchase without having to write a review. I’ve recently witnessed this in my own books ratings.

I understand why they did this because it now makes it easier and more likely for a buyer to leave a rating without having to deal with the review part of the equation.

Unfortunately, from this writers prospective this change may create the potential for more harm than good..

Yes, we all want more readers to rate our books, but without the written review we (and potential new readers) have no idea why the person rating the book loved it or hated it.

The pessimist in me thinks that this makes it easier for people to leave malicious one star ratings without having to provide any explanation for their rating.

On the other hand, the optimist in me hopes that it will lead to more (and perhaps higher) ratings because readers who were once intimidated by the thought of having to write a review, will be more likely to just rate a book.

I guess only time will tell whether this move turns out positive or negative results.

Let’s hope the optimist in me wins.


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