Book News

Last week I submitted 6 new short stories for edit and today the stories were returned with some wonderful insights, comments and suggestions from my editor. I can’t wait to get working on the revisions.

I’m still mulling over a few more story ideas, but I wanted you to know that the new book is coming along as expected.

Hard to believe that this will be my 7th book release. One thing I can promise you is that this one will have a few new twists and turns in writing style including something I’ve not tried before. Hopefully, you will enjoy it.

I have a pretty solid idea for the cover design, but I’m not scheduled to work with my cover designer until August, so I’ll have to bide my time writing until then.

So, until next post, please be safe and remember that we’re here for a good time, not a long time, so enjoy every minute of your life on this beautiful planet.



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2 Responses to Book News

  1. CRC says:

    Excellent news John! I’ve been struggling to keep writing despite what might seem the perfect opportunity to keep at it. So many congratulations to you and I’m very much looking forward to no 7!

    • jdonovels says:

      Thanks CRC. I appreciate the encouragement.

      As for writing, you’re not the only one having a difficult time writing while working remotely out of your home. I still wait until the weekend to work on my book, I can’t get motivated to work on my book right after working in front of my laptop all day to earn a living. These are indeed strange times we are living in.

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