Open Letter to Amazon about Customer Ratings without Reviews

Dear Customer Service

RE: Amazon Customer Reviews/Ratings

Ever since Amazon implimented their ‘customer rating without review’ policy I’ve noticed a big drop in written reviews. I understand why you implimented this new system (to encourage more people to rate a product) but why is the rating completely anonymous and why don’t you even show the date the rating was posted?

As an author, when a rating is posted, and who posted it would is very helpful for me to know. Knowing who posted the rating gives me an idea about whether I have repeat readers, whether my readers are male or female and when the rating was posted tells me if it’s recent or from several years ago (I don’t always look at my ratings, so I have no idea if something is newly posted or old). It’s always good to know if people are still reading the book(s).

The truth is, what I’m asking for would still allow the customer to rate my book without having to leave a review.

Interestly, this is the way it’s done at your sister website Goodreads, why not at

Is this something you would consider implimenting on your Amazon website in the future?

Best Regards

John D. Ottiini

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Author of mystery stories and more
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