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Some highs and lows of being an Independent Author

There are many great things about being an independent author and having the freedom to control and publish my own books, but there are also times when things aren’t so wonderful. Here are a few examples of my highs and … Continue reading

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Twists and Turns

I really enjoy keeping my readers guessing, so I like to add several twists and turns to many of my mystery stories in hopes that the ending will come as complete surprise. If I can get the reader to think … Continue reading

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The Future of Amazon Book (and Product) Reviews

I found an interesting article on the future of book and product reviews at This doesn’t effect me at the moment because I’m still trying to find my audence and get people to actually review my books, but it … Continue reading

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My first negative review.

I finally recieved my first negative review on Amazon and Goodreads. I guess it was only a matter of time before it happened, but I always wondered how I would react to reading a less than flattering review and I … Continue reading

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A Reality of Indie Publishing – Sometimes you just have to grin and bare it..

This weekend I participated in a mystery /thriller book promotion which, in terms of the number of downloads, was a huge success. During the promotion, readers downloaded 500+ copies of my book,  A Reason To Kill: Collected Mystery Stories absolutely … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Short Story Writer

I’ve been asked several times if I’ve ever considered writing a full-length novel. As a matter of fact, I’ve been asked so often that I’m beginning to feel like a failure every time I complete a short story. It’s not … Continue reading

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Ten humorous and baffling questions I ask myself.

Why do some people tell me they’re going to post an on-line review of one of my book, but never do? Why do some people ask me if I’m working on a new book, when I know they’ve never read … Continue reading

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Weekend reading suggestions?

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Can a book cover be too cute for it’s subject matter?

In a recent forum discussion, a reader wondered if the cover of A Very Furry Christmas isn’t a bit too cute for the mature subject matter portrayed in the stories. Although the stories are written for adults, the implication is that … Continue reading

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Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge – By Its Cover by Donna Leon

Five down, thirty left to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Commissario Brunetti of the Venice Police is back in Donna Leon’s 23rd book featuring the Venetian sleuth. In this adventure Brunetti must solve a case involving a number of books … Continue reading

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