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Book Reviews = Sales

It’s no coincidence that my three bestselling books are also my three most reviewed books. The reason reviews are important to me is not for financial reasons, although it would be nice to break even on the cost to create … Continue reading

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The Little Things

Every year around Christmas time, I like to give or send copies of my latest book to family, friends and co-workers who I think might enjoy a good read. I’ve done this for the last several years without any pre-conceived … Continue reading

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A smart man once said…..

I love this quote. “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” — Ray Bradbury

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Show, Don’t Tell: Cat Style

I‘m in the pet store today and decide to buy my cat Bella a special treat. I pay 1.99 and buy her a can of yummy sounding, highly recommended organic cat food. When I get home, Bella is on the … Continue reading

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Isn’t it ironic!

Isn’t it ironic that the book that almost ended my writing career (before it really began) is currently my most reviewed, highest rated and bestselling book. When I wrote, People Behaving Badly back in 2015, I was happy and quite … Continue reading

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A great description of my writing style.

I couldn’t have said it any better.  🙂

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Five Questions

Here are five questions I get asked on (almost) a daily basis. Q: Where can I purchase your books? A: They are available at in the US and at all Amazon websites in your part of the world. If … Continue reading

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A Hypothetical Conversation

“Hey John, I just read your latest book, Tormented Heart and I really loved it.” “Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.” “As a matter of fact, it was so good that I even recommended it to a couple … Continue reading

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The Indie Writer’s Predicament

Sometimes in conversation people ask me what the most difficult thing is about being a self-published independent author. My reply doesn’t take much thought because I’ve already experienced the feeling several times since I began self-publishing my books. It might … Continue reading

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Some highs and lows of being an Independent Author

There are many great things about being an independent author and having the freedom to control and publish my own books, but there are also times when things aren’t so wonderful. Here are a few examples of my highs and … Continue reading

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