Tormented Heart (formerly known as Flying Home)

I contacted my editor and it looks like my manuscript is scheduled to be edited on the first week in March.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to rename the novelette from Flying Home to Tormented Heart, as per my wife’s suggestion.

I was never completely satisfied with the original title Flying Home, that’s why I referred to it as a tentative title in my first post. I asked my wife what she thought of Tortured Heart as the title, she suggested that Tormented Heart might be more appropriate.

I liked it the minute she suggested it … so Tormented Heart it is.

I’ve also been scouring the internet for the right premade cover design and found three that I really like. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which one I think is the best one for this eBook. Fortunately, I have plenty of time to decide, as I wait for the novelette to be edited.

I like to use premade covers for short stories and novelettes because they are much less expensive than custom covers and because I don’t plan on releasing a paperback version of the story at this time. If I were doing both, I would gladly pay extra to get the custom cover I want.

Hopefully, my editor won’t find too many errors in my manuscript, but I never know until I get it back. She’s a great editor and I really value her opinion, so I always take all her changes and suggestions seriously.

If all goes well I hope to release the eBook by the end of March.

Stay tuned my friends.

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Thank you for a successful Valentine’s Giveaway

Thank you to the 191 people from six different countries who downloaded a free copy of my short Valentine’s story, One Shot to the Head.

It held on to the Number 4 spot in the Free 45-Minute Romance Short Reads for two days.

Very cool! Thank you.

Also, thank you to the one reader who gave it a 4 star rating on Goodreads.

If you downloaded the story and haven’t had the time to read it yet, please consider leaving a short review and rating on Amazon or Goodreads or both once you’ve read it.

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A Valentine’s Day Giveaway

One Shot to the Head: A Love StoryFree download February 13th & 14th

Here’s your chance to download a free copy of the greatest Valentine short story ever written.  **      🙂

Two days only – Feb 13th & 14th.   Don’t miss out!

Download you copy here:   One Shot to the Head – eBook

Ratings & reviews  on Amazon or Goodreads are greatly appreciated.

** Author prone to exaggeration.

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Literary Humor

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Flying Home – Third Draft

I just completed the third draft of my latest novelette**, Flying Home.

As mentioned in a previous post, by letting the story sit for a few days, I did manage to come up with an ending that I really like.

I passed the third draft on to my wife, so I could have another set of eyes reading the story. She highlighted a few spelling and grammatical errors and made some good suggestions on how to improve parts of the story.

She told me that the first half of the story is a real tear jerk er (made her cry) and that she really loved the twists in the story. She thought the ending was wonderful (who am I to argue with that). I know that she’s not an impartial reader, but she’s always been honest about letting me know when something works or doesn’t.

Anyway, after incorporating some her suggestions and cleaning up the errors, I believe it’s finally ready to send to my editor.

Hopefully, my editor will have time to squeeze me into her busy schedule.

Stay tuned.

** I’ve been calling it a short story, but according to Google, my story of 13,000 plus words is better classified as a ‘Novelette’.

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Flying Home – Second Draft

I just completed the second draft of my latest short story, Flying Home.

As predicted in a previous post, the word count increased from 10, 000 to over 12,000 words (from about 42 to 52 pages in Microsoft Word).  That’ll probable change again by the time I’m through my third draft.

I like the overall flow and suspense of the story but I’m not happy with the ending. I’ve already changed the ending three times and it’s still bugging me.

Usually, when this happens, I let the story sit for a few days (maybe even a week) and see if a new idea comes to me.

If it doesn’t, then I’m going to be miserable until it does. 😦

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Literary Humor

This cracks me up every time I read it. 🙂

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Flying Home – First Draft

Dear Readers

I just completed the first draft of a new short story. I’ve tentatively titled it, Flying Home. It runs about 10, 000 words in the initial draft, but will probably grow by a few thousand words over the next couple of self-edits and rewrites.

If you’re trying to visualize what 10,000 words equate to, think approximately 42 pages in a Microsoft Word Document.

Anyway, my first drafts are always pretty rough. My primary goal in the initial draft is to get the entire story down on paper (so to speak) without worrying about spelling, grammar or sentence structure. I like to focus on all that stuff during the subsequent self-editing process during draft two & three. That’s when I clean up the document by, correcting words that need to be corrected, adding words that need to be added, removing words that need to be removed and filling in gaps in the story that need filling.  Piece of cake – Right!  🙂

One interesting note about this story is that it’ll be the first time I use a real location (Northern California) as the background for one of my stories. Until now, all of my stories have taken place in completely fictional locations.

I guess I’ll see how this works out.

Wish me luck.

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My Author Page at

This is so cool.

Please check out my new Author Page and book listing at Then have a look at all the famous authors who are listed on that website.

Now you know why I think it’s so cool. 🙂

Here’s the link:

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Mystery/Thriller $0.99 Promotion

Looking for a good read? Tired of the same old, same old?

I’m participating in a Mystery/Thriller $0.99 eBook promotion with 23 other authors. The sale runs all day January 13th and 14th.

Along with the 23 other discounted eBook offerings, you can purchase a copy of my eBook, Deadly Revelations for only $0.99.

Here’s a chance to pick up some great reads at low prices.

Renee Pawlish 0.99 Promo

Thank you for supporting independent authors.

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