A Fool for Love & Money – August 2019

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Book Reviews = Sales

It’s no coincidence that my three bestselling books are also my three most reviewed books.

The reason reviews are important to me is not for financial reasons, although it would be nice to break even on the cost to create and sell books, something I haven’t done since I began (seriously) writing six years ago. I realize that there is a very good chance that I will never make a living writing books, but that’s not what motivates me to continue writing.

No, what I really want is for people to read and hopefully enjoy my stories… it’s something every writer wants. One of the most important ways to make that happen is — more book reviews!

If you’ve read one of my books, will you please take a few minutes to leave a short review on Amazon or Goodreads? Doing so won’t make me rich, but it will make me extremely happy. 🙂

Anyway, thank you again for taking the time out of your busy day to read my stories and to follow this blog. I appreciate every one of my readers and blog followers more than they will ever know.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.


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Congratulations! Your RPLA entry is a semifinalist!

Dear Readers & Friends

Here’s some wonderful news I’d like to sure with you.

Hi John,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your entry, Blame It on the Weather, Short Story, is a semifinalist for the 2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition!

Attached is the 2019 RPLA electronic semifinalist badge. Please feel free to use it on your website and in your email signature line and to post it to social media. Let everyone know of your achievement!

The entry now goes to the final judging. We will notify all semifinalists of their finalist status on a rolling basis.

Hearty and sincere congratulations from the RPLA team! Best of luck in the final judging. See you at the conference!


Chris Coward
Florida Writers Association
2019 RPLA chairperson
Oxford Writers Group Leader


BTW- If you’d like to read, Blame it on the Weather, it’s available in my book, The Twisted Road Ahead along with two other 2018 RPLA Short Story Finalists, One Shot to the Head and Words to A Kill.

 The Twisted Road Ahead: $2.99 – Amazon.com.

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New Release – Coming Soon!


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Literary Humor

Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Exciting Book News

Dear Readers and Blog Followers

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I’ve been busy working on a complete rewrite of my 2014 novella, ‘A Fool and His Money’.


I was never really pleased with the ending of the original story and I also felt there were some cracks in plot that needed filling. So I’ve rewritten the way the story flows, greatly expanded the plot, filled in the missing gaps and given a larger role and voice to some of the characters.

I also believe that I’ve added a more complete and perhaps more satisfying ending to this story, but I’ll let you the reader decided if that is indeed a true statement.

Along with the expanded content (double the length of the original story), I’ve decided to rename some of the characters and  give the revised story a fresh, new and more appropriate title,

‘A Fool for Love & Money’.

In keeping with the new title, the book will also have a beautiful new book cover.

For the handful of people who have already read the original novella, I think you’ll discover that the rewrite maintains some of the familiar plot, but also adds some new elements to story that I hope you’ll find endearing and highly entertaining.

I’m currently working through the edit corrections and some minor revisions, so I don’t have a release date yet, but I’ll probably have a better idea over the next few weeks. Please stay tuned.

Again, thank you for your patience, and thanks for reading my books, stories and following this blog.

All the Best



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Literary Humor

I don’t know about you, but I can sure relate to this. 🙂


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2019 Collection Contest, Volume 11, Writers @ Work.

I just received this wonderful news and I thought I’d share it with you.

Hi John,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your entry, Elevated Madness, is a winning entry in the 2019 Collection Contest, Volume 11, Writers @ Work. We are delighted that you are a winning author in this year’s collection book.

Attached is a copy of the front cover of your new book. Feel free to use it in announcements you’d like to post. Tell everyone. You’re a WINNER! Celebrate.

We’ll get back to you on how to pre-order copies of your new book soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

JC Gatlin
Florida Writers Association (FWA) Collections Team

This book will be published in October, and I’m so proud that my story will be included in this prestigious collection.


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Book Reviews Matter

When it comes to books, there’s definitely a positive correlation between book reviews and sales. For example, I have no doubt as to why my most reviewed book People Behaving Badly is also my bestselling book.

Yes, the quality of the writing is important and yes, you need an attractive cover and good description notes, but without the reader reviews it’s just another book in a forest of books.

Read just a few of the wonderful reviews of People Behaving Badly as posted by readers on Amazon and you’ll know why I say that reviews matter.



“It took me a long time to think of the right words for this book review. This is the BEST short story collection I have EVER read so far and I have read A LOT! An amazing combination of darkness, intelligence, dry wit and carefully structured plot twists that leave you mesmerized!”

“I enjoyed each story in this collection. The stories had a connecting thread running through them… karma. The lesson in each was simple. When given the chance to do the right thing … Do It.”

“I agree with one other reader. Having read many books of short stories, I thought these were brilliant. If you want a quick read with good characters and some good twists this is definitely a good buy. Highly recommended and needless to say I will read the rest of the author’s books!”

“Every single story in this collection held all of my interest until the end. Wonderfully worded and superbly edited, it was a treasure I’ll definitely read again.”

“I love the suspense built into each story and wish there were more! Most were “Godfather” themed and at first seem like a totally random collection… until the story lines begin to intersect. Then it really gets interesting!”

“This is comprised of 13 short stories that are somewhat like the “Twilight Zone.” They start out like normal stories and then they turn for a surprise twist in the end. Just to name a few characters amongst the colorful stories are: a wife and brother-in-law who are dedicated to their family, a little girl who’s father is being threatened, a priest, and a harassed tenant of an apartment complex and many more. I like these stories because they were not too graphic, but are surprising.”


Thank you to all you wonderful readers who took the time to leave a review.


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Two Thousand Books Sold

I’m celebrating a wonderful milestone. I just sold my 2,000th book.  WOO HOO!

I want to extend a big, heartfelt thank you to anyone who purchased and read one of my books over the 6 years.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! It’s been a wonderful journey so far.

In case you’re wondering, these are my three bestselling books so far.

  1. People Behaving Badly
  2. A Very Ferry Christmas
  3. The Twisted Road Ahead
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