Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Reader

This Thanksgiving Day, I’d like to say thank you to anyone who has read one of my books, followed my Blog and supported my writing endeavors throughout the year.

Thank you from the bottom (and top) of my heart.

I wish you and your loved ones a very healthy, happy and joyful Thanksgiving Day

God Bless


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November eBook Sale

The November eBook Sale to remember

The Christmas Holidays are just around the corner, so here’s your chance to pickup 4 of my most popular ebooks for only $0.99 each.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful deal!

Amazon  – http://amazon.com/author/johnottini

All of my books are also available in paperback edition (at retail price) making the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family.

Remember, it’s never to soon to begin your holiday shopping! 😁

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A Fool for Love & Money on Sale

My eBook Fool for Love & Money is currently on sale for only $0.99 on Amazon..

The sale ends Tuesday, October 20th, so get your discounted copy before in returns to its regular price of 2.99.

A Fool for Love & Money – Amazon

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People Behaving Badly on Sale

One of my most popular eBooks People Behaving Badly is currently on sale for only $0.99 USD.

The sale ends on Sunday, September 13th, so get your discounted copy before then.

People Behaving Badly – Amazon

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A special thank you to my readers

Dear Readers

Thank you for all the positive reviews and comments I’ve received from so many of you who’ve read my latest book, Elevated Madness and Other Stories.

Your kind words make it all worthwhile.

Best Regards ❤ John

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There are many forms of Madness!

Elevated Madness and Other Stories (2020)

The real world is filled with people who live quiet, productive, uneventful lives. These are not the characters you’ll meet in author John D. Ottini’s world of twisted fiction.

Elevated Madness & Other Stories consists of 11 short stories that will amuse, shock, and enlighten you. The twists and turns in each story will keep you guessing until the conclusion, where you’ll be left shaking your head and wondering, “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

Elevated Madness – Amazon

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The Florida Writer Magazine – August 2020

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Regarding Amazon Book Ratings

I’m not sure if all of my readers are aware that Amazon has recently changed their policy on Book Reviews & Ratings.

In the past Amazon would not allow you to leave a 1 thru 5 Star Book Rating without you having to leave a corresponding written book Review. That is no longer true! Amazon will now allow the reader to give any book a 1 thru 5 Star Rating without having to leave a written Book Review.

I’m not sure whether this is good or bad (only time will time) but it does make it easier to Rate one of my books, without worrying about having to write a review.

Under the new policy, I hope that many of you who have read my books will take advantage of this new change and please go back and Rate any of my books you may have read in the past and any you are currently reading. Believe me, this will be greatly appreciated. ❤

I also hope that if you are inclined to leave a Review, that you will do so, because this lets me know what I’m doing right and what I may have to improve upon. Your opinion is important to me.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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What readers are saying about my books!

I’d like to send out a heartfelt thank you to anyone who has read one of my books and has taken the time out of their busy day to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads. ❤

Here are a few of the most recent reviews.

A Fool For Love & Money

Loved it!

“I couldn’t put it down! This book totally engaged me. Off to read some more of his work.”

Terrific Book!

“This is the first book I’ve read by author, John Ottini, and it definitely won’t be my last! It was amazing and had me intrigued from the beginning! A Fool for Love & Money is a very easy read with a wonderful storyline that will fill you with a mixture of emotions from beginning to end! I love how he writes, and can’t wait to start reading all his other books!”

Another excellent book from John Ottini

“I recently completed reading the book ” A Fool for Love and Money”. The story line was interesting, the characters were realistic but a had a dark side to them that made the plot more entertaining. This is the 3rd book I have read from author John Ottini and have loved all of them.”

The Black & Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Fast pace and reads well

“I don’t have alot to time to read however this book kept my attention to the very end. I enjoyed the pace and the character development. I will definitely read a second time! Not often I say that. Well done John.”

Elevated Madness and Other Stories

A Reader’s Delight!

“Loved these short stories! They are a quick read that is fun and always a twist at the end which I love!”

The Twisted Road Ahead: An Anthology of Short Stories

For a short story these are perfect!

“I enjoyed this book very much. Every now and then I don’t want to get involved in a long book so this was perfect. Each story was good and just long enough.”

People Behaving Badly: A Collection of Short Mystery Stories


“A great collection of short stories about people behaving badly! I enjoyed each one and the length was perfect if you only have a small window of time to read inbetween errands. Good stuff, there’s something for everyone here!”

Loved these short stories!

“I read every day and it’s my favorite hobby. These were surprisingly good, much better than I expected. I was reminded of the older Ellery Queen Digest short stories. Clever, interesting and fun. Looking forward to more from John Ottini.”

A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales

Cat Tales

“I like these short stories so much.Very nice stories about cats.I love cats and these stories show how much cats can help people.”

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Looking to support Indie Bookstores?

If you’d rather support independent bookstores rather than Amazon, then may I suggest Writer’s Block Bookstore. Continue reading

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